Overview of Scientific Programme:

LMHI Global colloquium 2021 is not just a scientific convention but a celebration of knowledge. A celebration that has bought over 4000 delegates from over 60 countries together for an uninterrupted 50 hrs carnival of Homeopathy. Despite the global restrictions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, LMHI has successfully brought people of diverse cultures, speaking innumerable different languages of various time-zones together on this MEGA platform of LMHI Global Colloquium 2021

Oral Presentations Schedule
10th, 11th & 12th Dec'21
Hall 1   Hall 2   Hall 3   Hall 4  

Programa Académico / Academic Program with Different Time Zones

LMHI Inauguration Schedule
10th Dec'21

Poster Presentations Schedule
8th & 9th Dec'21
Hall 1   Hall 2   Hall 3  

Program Time-schedule   

Optional Virtual Background for Presenters - Option 1 / Option 2
Presenters can choose any one as per thier choice

Programme Highlights :

Pre-conference Poster Presentations: With the overwhelming response and the numerous entries LMHI is obliged to host the poster presentation on the 8th and 9th of December 2021 to allow every speaker to address, explain and share their works. These sessions are open to all the delegates. The Oral presentations will be held form 10th December 14.30 Hrs (CET) till 12th December 14.30 Hrs (CET) 2021 in different halls. The programme schedule are in Central European Time (CET), please check the exact time of your country by clicking here

We have Four Session Halls namely Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3, Hall 4 with simultaneous sessions. Delegates can switch from one hall to another seamlessly. The Colloquium has presentations of speakers from all over the world; the translations to different languages will be available in Hall 1.

Hall 2 & Hall 3
shall be having subject specific oral presentations in one language of respective regions. Hall 4 is dedicated for Round Table and Panel Discussions on the subjects of strategic importance. There will be a Poster Hall for displaying more than 220 Posters. You have possibility of text chatting with the authors of the posters. In the Socio-cultural wing, our versatile homoeopathic fraternity has their talents on show for all to admire, appreciate and vote for the favourite.

Participation from about 80 countries & 50 hours of continuous high-level technical discussion.

Online Abstract Publication in Colloquium e-proceedings with the unique DOI.

Sessions will be moderated by a Global team of LMHI from different regions.

Opportunity for publication/ presentation for PhD, MD scholars.

Panel discussions on important topics by global domain experts.

Live Multi-language translation according to the demand & economic viability.

Virtual Exhibition of Homoeopathic products by the industry & global networking.

International participation certification & outstanding Presentations/E-poster shall be awarded.

Lifetime access of content for delegates.