Disclaimer | LMHI Colloquium 2021

LMHI Global Colloquium 2021 includes live and unedited video conferencing sessions, using third party virtual platforms. Although the provider of the virtual platform has ensured security, it does not eliminate completely the risk of hacking and abuse as the programme is live. LMHI is not responsible for any damage, whatsoever, resulting from participating in the colloquium, either related to content or person.

The information presented at LMHI Global Colloquium 2021, including oral/poster presentations, discussions, cultural events, etc. is for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed by speakers, moderators and attendees are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of LMHI.

This colloquium has been created to share experiences of professionals and organisations within homeopathy and does not constitute professional or medical advice by LHMI.

LMHI supports the use of homeopathy, alongside conventional medicine, within an integrated healthcare model. LMHI therefore respects public health initiatives taken by Governments of various nations for the prevention and management of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as encourages the exploration of the potential benefits of using homeopathy in addition to – not instead of – conventional medical options for managing the impact of the pandemic.